Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow White and the Apple

Once upon a time, lives a very beautiful princess. Snow White. Her skin fair as snow and her hair shines like black diamond.

Her beauty was envied by evil witch. The Witch intend to poisoned her by pretend to be old woman who sold Apple to her.
Snow White's heart is pure as gold. Her compassion to others make her believe the old woman was kind and she bought the Apple.

She was intended to wait for the seven dwarfs so she can shared her Apple. but the old woman insisted she must eat it right away or else she will hurt the old women feeling.
"oh well, i don't want to hurt the kind woman. and i'm very hungry anyway..."said Snow White.
yes, she was very hungry for the seven dwarfs was off to market and Snow White is not able to cook anything. not even boiled water.

so she grab the Apple and take it to her mouth intended to bite it. The Witch was jumping for joy inside her heart. "i'll be the prettiest as soon as this chubby princess bite the Apple" she said to herself.

oh but, Snow White suddenly stop before she bitten it.

"Oh wait..." She said.
"What a...&*%&&" the Witch Gasped.

"I suddenly remembered i have eaten a whole-cake by myself this morning. and i have lunch date with prince charming this afternoon. i cannot eat anything till lunch. this Apple is low-calorie i'm sure, but it still calories rite? i'm on sugar and low-cal diet."She said.
"Well...i...i... maybe...but... " The Witch frustrated.
"How about if i give the Apple back to you so you can sold it to someone else, so your margin is double? how's that sound? very good deal right?"
"*&^$%^&*****"The Witch
"'s been a while i've changed my old Apple with this Apple". Snow White showed a thing to the desperate witch.

"You see, it's such a joy. we can't take lovely pictures, play games to kill boring time, the dwarfs use it to browse recipes and latest gossips, i often use it to chat using skype with Prince Charming. "

Snow White then hand over the Apple to the confused yet "gaptek" witch who cannot understand a single word she says about the new kind of Apple.
Then her attention absorped by the fun games in Apple even she video chat with the Prince Charming about their lunch date venue. they have to decide where to go between Skye or Parc19.

The gaptek Witch cannot do she left Snow White.

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