Sunday, February 26, 2012

last day of Indonesia Fashion Week 2012, 26 Feb 2012

on the last day, i went to IFW with family (hubby, sarah, nephews, niece and SIL). but they went home first and left me there since i want to see Anne Avantie's fashion show in the evening.

"Jalan Sore" everyone looks so great

B 3

Tetty Liz, Marcella, Olivia Zalianty

Ferry Sunarto

Monic's dolls has changed their outfit :)

met Ashfi Qamara, the author of Fiminin

unbranded harem pants|unbranded turtleneck| Cucito Necklace|Unbranded Shawl| Prugna Shoes | Charles & Keith Bag

The three of us:
Zara Hoodie Sweater| unbranded tee| Wrangles Jeans
The Goods Department Poncho| Mothercare Legging| Osh Kosh Shoes| Zara Kids Bag

with Mbak Irna Mutiara


Sarah lagi serius

my SIL and my niece

Sarah and Kakak Lita

Indonesia Fashion Week really encourage me to be the best with my design. Hopefully i will learn fast and become a good fashion designer! Bismillah!, amieen.

Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 - Day 3, 25 Feb 2012

My design class was cancel due to the IFW. i got sms from my teacher that we can come to watch "Lenny Agustin" Fashion show at 4pm. i also saw Deden Siswanto, Eny Ming, Defrico Audi & Ghea Panggabean show that day.
me and Devi, friend from design school

on me:
Magnolia Cropped Jacket| Unbranded Plaid dress in Mustard color| Rock & Republic Skinny jeans
Zara Boots| LV Bag| unbranded Shawl

met the genious Ibu Anne Avantie ^_^

Defrico Audy, such an enlgihtment for me to see Songket in a different way

I love this collections from Deden Siswanto

Plenary Hall


The sweet and smart Monic from my Design School, she design clothes for dolls

Met Ibu Poppy Dharsono

Offerings by Lenny Agustien, super love the details, and the shoes!

me with Ocha, friend from design school

Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 - Day 2, 24 Feb 2012

I only came at lunch break on Friday, i didn't see the fashion show at evening since i have playdate with Sarah and Hubby. anything for Sarah :)

So i went to JCC around lunch time by cab, looking around taking photos and do a little shopping :p
naik taksiii

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dinner at the Goods Department

playing at Miniapolis

on Me:
Unbranded Batik Jumpsuit| Unbranded Sweater| Unbranded Paris Hijab| Charles & Keith Shoes| Unbranded NEcklace

on Sarah:
Contempo Batik Skirt| unbranded Shirt| Osh Kosh shoes| unbranded sock

(look at her "alay" expression)

she's so happy..... I love you nak!