Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sarah's day

these pictures was taken a day before she got ill last week. she actually already a bit warm when she picked me up from Phalie.but Sarah is Sarah, she still play around, eat a lot and laugh out loud. :) Thank God she only got fever for two days and it's nothing serious.

here's the pictures of last weekend

Massage at MomNJo Kelapa Gading, she loooves the Spa, just look at her! starring at herself thru mirror and made goofy face hahahhaha

she's so happy, with the massage...with the toys... Alhamdulillah

We ate at Din Tai Fung afterward, she already a bit sleepy after the massage but still ate a lot by herself. i'm a proud mama :)

she plays with small piano in Toys Kingdom, we didn't bought it tho too expensive. we bought her music bells instead and she got bore with it after a day :D That's Sarah, she loves real things more than toys.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

ruffle dress for Sarah & skirt for Me!

I made this ruffle dress for Sarah last saturday, i know it's way far from perfect but I did it! so happy and proud of myself, even Sarah loves the dress. My hubby was amazed that i can actually sew a dress and the result was okay....huh...  -_- but i got compliment from him tho... hehehehe
I'm in process of making a maxi skirt, Sarah's dress was actually made of a leftover garment from the skirt :p but of course, it was made with lot's of love from Mama :)

I'm thinking of another dress for Sarah....hmmm... next project here i come.....
by the way this is my skirt, it's an A-Line Maxi skirt.

kapan-kapan foto pas pake rok+dress nya bareng ah hiihihi