Sunday, February 19, 2012

Phalie Studio

If you are interested in Fashion and wishes to be a fashion designer, then you have a same dream like me....hahaha no no no...
i was about to recommend you to fashion design school, Phalie Studio. i went there, and just started a months ago located in :
Jl. Gading Indah Raya
Blok C21
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta 14240
Telp. 021 9298 3700
Telp. 021 7168 1045

I will be honest with you, i cannot draw, at all. I cannot sew, at all. i never made any dress in my life, not even a handkerchief.  but i love fashion, my world evolve around fashion altho i know only a little (like super tiny little) about it. if my early twenty is about finding my calling. on my 29 i found it. it's fashion.

One, i want to be a fashion designer, i dream big i know, but i know i will love it and willing to do it no matter how hard i must try and how far i shoud go. I always love fashion since i was a little girl, so i am doing something i really passsionate about.

Two, this is the answer to my prayer. I wish to be able to work at home and free of 9-5 schedule like now. I want to be there for Sarah especially when she start her playgroup next two years. I know fashion design is a 24 even 26 hours of working but at least i'm my own boss. i commited to work everytime but break whenever Sarah needs me. and i can work from homeeee! yeaay. Insha Allah it will come true.

now back to the design school.

I love the way the study method. the teacher trust you, as simple as that. yup, they trust us to be a grown up human being that know why we came there. to be able to design then to be the best of it! they gave us aasignments that sometimes impossible for me (well, i did it tho) since i have to take care of Sarah, doing my works from morning to evening, and running my online shop but i can get thru with it, and so happy doing all this.

When i come there, i cannot draw at all, the teacher ask me to draw a woman and i draw i-don't-know-what. after two drawing class i was able to draw this:
i know it's not good, but it's an achievement for me. I was only able to draw urek-urek, mind you. hahaha

Before i went to Phalie, i also see some others fashion design schools but i finally choose Phalie.
The price was fit to my budget :P, it's quite near to my house, and i like what i heard about Phalie (not commercial, very person to person learning, attentive and encourage the students to grow and dare to dream).

hope you found this post useful!

p.s Tex Saverio also went to Phalie. yes, that Tex Saverio who made dress for Lady Gaga. ^_^

p.s again, if you come to Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 on 23-26 February 2012, please do visit Phalie Studio booth at Main Lobby booth M61-M62.

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