Monday, April 30, 2012

new items on my shop

hi, come and visit we have new items. shawl & handmade brooch designed by me. :)
so happy. i haven't got time to make label yet so it's not labelled. hopefully soon.

Monday, April 23, 2012

happy times with Family

JJP (jalan-jalan pagi) ke Ancol

mama & sarah

wif Oma n tante Indah

Sarah, Chalista & Angli

Disney On Ice ^^

Mama Papa Narsis, Sarah fokus nonton Disney hihihi

Red Velvet-ing, this one from Manon Pattiserie like this one better than Union tho...

sarah mamamnya pinterrrr

happy time with family

Monday, April 9, 2012

what i have made so far...

other than three skirts i have posted on previous post, i also have made this:
Full Skirt for Sheilla (sarah pun nak enter frame >.<)

The princess ruffle dress

A Line Maxi Skirt sorry for the weird pose :p

blue polkadot cape, the material is a left over from skirt that i made for Sheilla, my sister.

aha.... Sarah wearing love skirt made with love by me hueheue.

My polkadot full skirt, it's reversible, the other pattern is brown flowery.
i'm working on a wing skirt made of taffeta right now, while in school we are making tops. Hopefully it will be more and more fun each day! Caiyooo "me"

Tex Saverio @ Bazaar Bridal Week 2012

Bazaar Bridal Week 2012 was held last weekend. at the opening there's Tex Saverio fashion show for his wedding line.
my very kind school, Phalie Studio has been very nice and gave us student the invitation to see Tex Saverio's fashion show. as i already inform that Tex Saverio was one of its student.
i was veryyyy excited. for all this time i only viewed his collection from TV, and youtube or internet.
Thanks to Devi, she took the invitation from school from me since i was at work and unable to come to school to collect it.
me and Devi met at Pacific Place around 6 then i went for dinner with hubby first. my hubby was accompanying me but he cannot join since the invitation only valid for one. hiks... so he waited for me at Starbucks ...hehehe thankies bebe, lopyuu.

back to the fashion show, me and Devi then met Cindy and Tio at the venue, we didn't spotted any other Phalie student since it quite packed inside.

okay, to cut it short, the event was great, the venue was stunning, i saw a lot of premium wedding vendor. oh it's so breath taking that i wish to have wedding reception once again. blaah, only a wishes. if i really got a chance, i'm not sure i want to be bridezilla again, and got stressed out preapring all the wedding thingy.
my wedding was simple and intimate. we held it in Makkah so we won't have to fight over catering, decorations and bla bla... wedding gown was self made designed by my sister in law and it was simple tho since we tied the knot in Masjidil Harram.
see i'm out of the topic again...

okay, everything was stunning, but the creme de la creme was Tex Saverio's wedding gowns, phewww... it was epic. all the details, the concept (his signature ala Mc Queen), the dress was a dream came true. i understand how difficult to translate a dress from concept into real dress. and Rio has succeeded.
The dresses was once again EPIC. altho i saw many models almost slipped out wearing it :D i can see that the dress was heavy and full of details. i remember seeing Tex Saverio's interview on TV not so long ago, he said that his dress weighted 4-5kg each even more.
but, nothing can disturb the 'walk in the cloud' feeling seeing the dress. i'm so thankful that i got the opportunity to see it. so that i remember to work hard and pursue my dream. how can i ramble making simple dress when i saw that masterpiece dress of Rio? :)

well here's the pictures. forgive the bad quality. i forgot to take my digicam, so i only use my BB cam. the dress was purest white so my cam cannot accurately captured it. but for the memory goes the pictory (pic story = ngarang :p)

the invitation and gift voucher

MC Becky Tumewu & Ferdi Hasan, gak keliatan jelas yah potonya pdhal duduknya baris ketiga huhuhu


the ice queen, that's how i call the dress

the finale dress, stunning and lighter than the others :D

Tex Saverio, sayang foto gw blurr, orgnya cakep loh, kayak anime2 jepang gitu :D

Me, Cindy & Devi prior to the event

Me, Devi and Tio

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

blast from the past

since i started this blog when Sarah already 1,5 y.o.  i want to put old pictures before this blog was created. and let the pics tells the story. so that one day Sarah read it, she knews our story.

this is before we got engaged, i won't post my pic before wearing hijab :)

our wedding in Makkah. we also do our umrah, Alhamdulillah

back to Indo, we held small receptions for friends and families

our honeymoon in Hongkong, we had so much fun in Disneyland and street market there, will be great to go again with Sarah, Amien.

hehehe big size me. Sarah, u were with me all the time. so happy.

ooh what a bundle of joy. Sarah were born thru C-Section in Hermina hospital in Jakarta.

our first family holiday, yayness! we went Singapore, too bad lil Sarah still unable to play in USS, but we must go again soon, i bet you'll happily play this time that i won't be able to drag you out hehehe

this is when Papa's 28th bday, we went to Monas (my 1st time ever, shame), Sea World in ancol then you got baby spa in Mom n Jo. we were so happy that day.

most of this pictures were taken in the car when you go with Papa to take me to my office or fetch me from office.

your first tooth, you got two at once :)

you love reading, like me.

around 11 months old, you learn to walk

around 1 year old, on your first day in school
us with giant lollypop in USS
well it's dark. it's sarah and Me in our hotel pool with Petronas Tower behind us
it's Princess Sarah in her carriage in front of Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
it's around early 2012

ooh it's our 1st wedding anniversary i was 8 months pregnant with you.

oohh, posting this pictures makes my eyes blurr. time flies. Sarah, from all of these pictures you can see how great you are. you are such a prefect baby, perfect daughter. you are happy and nice to everyone. Mama hope you will stay the way you are and grow to be a better person each day of your life.
me and Papa love you since my pregnancy test got + sign, maybe even before. and we love you till the end.
you'll always have us, we will always be there for you. I love you, daughter.....always have. always will.