Wednesday, October 31, 2012

green green

hijab: unbranded| Outer: unbranded| Green Longsleeves: unbranded| green flowery pants: Zara| Ankle Boots: New Look| Satchel Bag: Bershka

This photo was taken this morning before work. and am happy to announce that my weight is 55,5kg now. Yay!
such a good number rite? 555. but i still wish to reach my weight goal which is 50-51kg anytime soon.
the pants that i'm wearing is size 6 US, but it's already too big for me. i'm a size 4 now or 28/29 for pants.
my shirt size is S. eventho the scale doesn't change much but the size shows how i lost much.
am so happy and feel so fit.


some people were asking about my progress with fashion design.

just to be clear, i didn't put it off. eventho i haven't execute my plan for the clothing line just yet. i just kinda delayed it.


because it takes total effort (both money & energy), spend most of my time, and need full attention.

and for now, all my money, energy, time and attention goes to


i don't want to miss a bit of her baby & toddler time. it's enough that i lost 8 hours of her life everyday at work.

so for now, the fashion line thing will have to wait.


fashion is my daily mumbling, so fashion is in my everyday i just take it from different side.

side that doesn't collide with my SARAH.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Birthday Trip - Potato Head, Seminyak (Last Part)

My Birthday Trip - around Kuta & Legian (Part 4)

wajah bahagia ini karena masuk toko :D

saking cintanya sama Koja, punya penginapan pun namanya Kodja *kidding :D

Kunti Japanese Warung (serem ajaah)

My Birthday Trip - Padang-Padang Beach (Part 3)

Us, setelah menuruni tangga di dalam gua menuju Pantai Padang-Padang

That's the Padang-Padang Beach behind us

S is for SARAH

My Birthday Trip - Nammos Beach Club, Karma Kandara Beach (Part2)

Yay...We're Hereeeee

Karma Kandara Resort, such a jewel!

Us before taking the elevator down to the beach club, silaauuu

View from the elevator, it's like stairway to heaven.....

see the umbrella lines, that's Nammos Beach Club

Getting Closer to Nammos, at this point i cannot hold my patience

us, in front of the Beach Club

Us, at the beach

that's the elevator that brought us down

lunch time!

My Birthday Trip - Nusa Dua Beach (Part 1)

My 30th Brithday

i turned 30 last October 20th :)
goodbye the dazzling 20's and welcome fabulous 30's life.

luckily my birthday fell on saturday this year, so my husband takes me to Bali for a round trip romantic getaway. why round trip? because we want to spend the whole day alone just the two of us.
we don't take Sarah that's why we don't want to stay longer. judulnya nyuri2 waktu buat berduaan. menurut kami ini penting untuk menjaga cinta suami istri....syalalalalla *dah ah dangdut jadinya

We took earliest flight in the morning and flew back with the latest flight.

I'm so thankful to Allah SWT for the 30 years of my life, for my health, for my family, for every good things that has happened to me. Alhamdulillah.
sometimes i feel that i didn't deserved to get all of these great things that Allah has blessed to me, soalnya beribadahnya masih kuraaaang banget, tapi Allah memang maha baik ya.

i'm so grateful to my husband, who's been with me thru thick and thin. Altho we only knew each other for 12 years and married for only three years now but to me you are my best friend, bebe :)
eventho we often got into argument but our intention is for a good things.
gw banyaaaaak banget kekurangannya sebagai istri, sorry for that. dan akan berusaha menjadi lebih baik dari hari ke hari.
semoga dengan bertambahnya usia bisa jadi manusia, istri, ibu yg lebih baik ya, amien.
semoga aku gak tambah cerewet ya be, (tapi biasanya cewe makin tambah u makin cerewet sih ya...*alesan) post mau posting foto-foto waktu trip kemarin....

cya in next post.

Us in Nammos, Karma Kandara - Bali

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#on Diet : what i should keep in mind

image credit:

 whenever someone tried to tempted you with junk food, just remember the above comparison. for me, i go check : to check number of calories of a food, and how much i have taken that day.

kadang-kadang, people around you just don't get it.
they keep saying:

-ih udah kurus sih...apanya yg mau di diet-in lagi
-ngapain kurus2 yang penting sehat
-ya ampun, udah ok kok...ngapain ngotot diet

i can only thank them all, but i'm very strict with my diet. i never rely on other's opinion since it's will changed based on weather. today they say you look slim tmrow they'll comment on how big your upper arms are. *big grin

my self confident boost when i feel good about myself, and when i feel good about myself i feel pretty. when i feel pretty i'm less bitchy.

Diet progress = no progress


u read it right.

I lost 0 since my last post (errr...a week ago?) i'm still as heavy as 56,5kg altho in the morning my bathroom scale will show: 56.00kg

from now on, i'll stop exercising temporarily.... gak tau deh, kok agak curiga lambatnya weight loss ini mungkin bagian dari exercising too excessively.
dugaan2 ngaco gw aja sih.

tapi ya coba ajah ya...lagian sedang agak malas (nah jujur)

kira-kira gw akan berada diangka berapa weekend nanti.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pattern Pants

I started to enjoy wearing this kinda pants....

Hijab: Unbranded| Hoodie Sweater: Unbranded| Pants: Zara| Shoes: Charles & Keith| Bag: H

Hijab: Bought in Madinah| Turtleneck: Zara| Pants: Zara| Shoes: New Look| Bag: Pedro

easy sunday

note the signature mringis smile hahaha

Headpiece: Naughty
Tanktop: unbranded
Short: unbranded, bought in Bandung