Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kiky Mizanie is going to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Super Yayness!

I'm so thrilled as i open my mail this morning and i received this:

Yes baby, i'm going to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 as one of the bloggers. yippiiiii!
I've been looking forward to this event and to be granted as one of the event blogger is such a bless.
Last year i came as visitor to support my design school Phalie Studio, this year i'll come as blogger to give report on the event and of course to also support my lovely school and my friends who opens their own booth this year! am so proud of them.

I remember last year how amazed i was to see how great Indonesian Designers were. the products was as good or may i say lot-lot-lot better than international brands. it really was an eye-opener to me. since then, i often used local brands and i have to say i'm so proud to wear them, even more when people asked what's the brand and they mesmerized to find the fact that it was "made in Indonesia" . :D

to see my post regarding last year's event
visit this links:

sorry for not-so-good quality images on those posts, i wasn't so prepared.
But this year, since am officially IFW blogger i'll bring the best tools to get great pictures and i hope i can get better spot to get good shots.

yay ...yay....yay.... am so happy! so excited! all of you, come to the event you'll have a great time. ...and great shopping experience i may add ;P

See you in Indonesia Fashion Week 2013!

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