Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Sarah

Party theme: Angry Birds
Three of us. we celebrate at her school JAC Kelapa Gading

the happy birthday girl. she's been waiting for this day since long time.

Sing "Happy Birthday" with all teachers and school friends

she blew the candles!
smile chibi-chibi

Kisses. we pray for the best for you kiddo
Teacher lead prayer for Sarah
Everyone who attended the small celebration

Friends who attend, thank you all dear friends!

 I Love You so much Sarah, all i want is for you to be happy in your life. May Allah SWT always guide your path, give you strength and keep your faith. Amien.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pictory (pic story): our holiday to Singapore & Malaysia, our 4th wedding anniversary and random pictures

Mama & Sarah in Legoland Johor Malaysia, it was light raining, only drizzle but last till we went home

Sarah was unhappy that she have to wear the unfashinable raincoat hahahha

me, i'm happy to informed that my weight is still at 56kg hahahha but have lost lot body fat and inches that i get to wear my pre-marriage clothes. pat on the back for me!

Sarah edisi galau di Fullerton Singapore

Us inside Singapore Eye

Sarah ala-ala Dina Toki-o

Sarah experimenting on earthquake effect on buidling structure in Legoland

stacking legos

her favorite things to do: slide

galau edisi 2 di kamar hotel

Peace yo!

the signature grin, overlooking Scotts Road in the morning

ngintip orang pacaran di kolam renang

model wannabe banget pose kakinya

cards from hubby, 11 July 2013 is our 4th wedding anniversary :)

the flower from hubby sent to my office. i'm a bit shock of how big it was. feel a bit shy since my colleague tease me about it. thank you hubby, you're precious!

three of us. semoga kita menjadi keluarga sakinah, mawaddah, warrohmah. selalu bersama, bahagia, sehat dan bertemu lagi di surga nanti, amien.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Sarah growing up way too fast! T.T

Sarah & her classmates during their school outing

three of us during our holiday to several islands around Jakarta

The happy Sarah with her popcorn at Disney On Ice

Playing with Sands

She loves imitating my style.... mini-me

Sarah & her teacher. She has finished her PG 1, and already started her PG2. can't believe she'll be in kindegarten next year!

sarah & her chinesse hat, similar to her panda. gifts from Papa from his trip to China recently

Sarah (2nd on the left in tree costume) waving wholeheartedly at me. She performs on her school graduation concert. singing and dancing "you are my sunshine"

two of us

mom & daughter

She's Papa no.1 fans

three of us in a secluded beautiful island

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Collection: "A Day in Milan" by Kiky Mizanie

"A Day in Milan" inspire by the fashion city of Milan, Italy. A city where everything, everyone is beautiful and joy to the eye.
Patrizia Shirtdress
Price: IDR 500,000,-
Material: Cotton
Size: All Size (S-L) 
Color: Light Purple

Pietro Top
Price: IDR 250,000,-
Material: Cotton + SatinSilk
Size: All Size (S-L) 
Color:Light Purple + Purple Flower Pattern

Marinella Pants
Price: IDR 400,000,-
Material: SatinSilk
Size: All Size (S-L) 
Color:Purple Flower Pattern

Carmen Pants
Price: IDR 300,000,-
Material: SatinSilk
Size: All Size (S-L) 
Color:Black Satin Cotton