Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's tomorrow!

The moment we all have been waiting for, the biggest fashion movement in Indonesia.
Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 will be held from tomorrow 14 February till 17 February 2013.

be prepared!

okay...now...what to prepare for this event?

1. Be stylish!

Seriously people this is one of those rare occasion where you can explore your fashion sense. you don't have to worry that people will stare. it's the time to be creative with your style. do you have that clothes that you love so much but don't know when the right time to wear it. well, the time is now my friend.
but, don't forget to be yourself and be comfortable. you'll explore every inch of the event venue, you don't want to be exhausted because of your shoes hurt you.

2. Camera, Camera, Camera

DSLR, mobile phone's camera, pocket cam, Ipad came, anything just bring your camera. there will be a lot of great moments you don't wanna miss. In Indonesia Fashion Week you'll never know what you will see, who you will meet. you don't wanny miss that, really. and since no pic = hoax you better documented it :D

3. Money, Money, Money

Yuuup! there's tons of good stuff there. High quality items is an investment to your wardrobe. every pieces in IFW2013 is a high quality item you don't wanna miss.
don't cry over those cute shoes you-want-so-much-but-feel-hesitate-to-buy-then-it-grabbed-by-someone-else. when you know, you know, just grab them when you can (advise from someone who lost so much good stuff over hesitation on last year's IFW)

4. Come with friends

friends will give you advise on no. 3 :D will help you out on no.2 and will be your commentator on  no. 1.
you and your friends will share a great times together attending fashion show, wandering around bazaar area, shared good foods and good laughs.

5. Have Fun! Have Fun! Have Fun x1000!

see you guys there! if you spot me somewhere in the event, please don't hesitate to say hi, i will love to meet you and pleeeeeaseee let me take you picture please...please...pretty please.
 i want to make feature on my blog about people style in IFW2013. so please, if someone poke you and asked to take your photograph and she's wearing hijab and she has chubby cheek, she might be me! hehehe.

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