Friday, July 18, 2014

Vote Sarah for PCH2014

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.


Halllooo om, tante, oma dan teman-teman, dukung Sarah ya dalam Parenting Cover Hunt 2014.

Bantu voting via website atau sms ya agar Sarah bisa menjadi pemenang voting untuk lokasi audisi Miniapolis MKG 5


Cara voting via website:

1. Klik

2. Temukan foto Sarah pada nomor 110 – Sarah Carissa Humaira , klik bulatan kecil di bawah nama Sarah, isi kolom captcha yang ada di bawah foto anak, lalu klik vote di bagian bawah halaman.


Cara voting SMS:

Ketik : PCH-MKG (spasi)nama Anda#usia Anda#Alamat email#110

Kirim ke 08111901555

juga, like foto sarah di fb page parenting ya ini linknya: 


Terima kasih atas dukungannya  yaaa…

Salam sayang,


Monday, June 2, 2014

one day.....

you will grow up, you can do everything on your own, you'll need me less. 
you will think that i'm "rempong" and "bawel", but please do understand, to me.... you will always be my baby

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tutu Tablecloth

So yesterday, was one of the worst traffic day in North Jakarta. Me, my husband and Sarah has been stucked in traffic for like 3 hours until we finally decide it's better for me and Sarah to get off the car, walk a bit (if 2km is a bit, if 2km of walking in unpleasant no pedestrian area sidewalk is a bit), finally me and Sarah reached home, after the adventure walk and ojek ride.
Sarah was happy, kids are always happy anywhere anytime rite? she must think it's some sort of adventure with mama.

long story short, i was extremely exhausted, since Sarah is 22kg now and i am 54kg, and i have to hold her while walking several time for safety so yeah, crack my bone and everything but.... after taking bath, have my dinner, i tot i'll sleep like dead and don't bother waiting for my beloved husband who's still stuck in traffic (sorry bebe) but i am not. i'm fresh like new, and after watching tv, reading mortal instrument book three and still cannot catch some sleep until my exhausted husband finally came home. i got an idea of making something. i have ordered some fabric, cotton, tulle and flower application from my regular supplier.
initially, i've been meaning to make tablecloth for our breakfast table. my goal is to make something fairy-ish that will bring romantic mood when we have meal outside in our balcony. i want to create a gardenlike feel in my balcony, since our garden is tiny.
but last nite, i have an idea to make tutu like tablecloth for Sarah's study desk, so there i was. spend almost 3 hours of cutting, a-wee-bit of sewing, tying the rubber, gluing and voilaaa....

I'm quite satisfied with the result, now i can hide all the things we stuffed under the table, plus the table finally rhyme with Sarah's room theme, which is Hello Kitty.

i guess, sleepless night has been useful for my creativity :D, it's fun to create something with my own hand.

okay....hope the traffic is good today, or else, hmmmm where did i keep those little pompoms, and those furry garment?....