Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#on Diet : what i should keep in mind

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 whenever someone tried to tempted you with junk food, just remember the above comparison. for me, i go check : to check number of calories of a food, and how much i have taken that day.

kadang-kadang, people around you just don't get it.
they keep saying:

-ih udah kurus sih...apanya yg mau di diet-in lagi
-ngapain kurus2 yang penting sehat
-ya ampun, udah ok kok...ngapain ngotot diet

i can only thank them all, but i'm very strict with my diet. i never rely on other's opinion since it's will changed based on weather. today they say you look slim tmrow they'll comment on how big your upper arms are. *big grin

my self confident boost when i feel good about myself, and when i feel good about myself i feel pretty. when i feel pretty i'm less bitchy.

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