Sunday, February 19, 2012


I love wearing twin clothes with my daughter, sometime it's a bit maksa, either i wear clothes that is too small for me or she got bigger size than she supposed too...
Hopefully i can make my own mother-daughter outfit soon, amien!

this photo was taken last saturday morning before my design class. it's at our home and yeah, we were using BB cam again, so lazy to use camera, but i promise i'll bring my camera everywhere from now on :)

on me:
Old Navy Long Tee (size 12 years old, no wonder it's look odd on me) | Gaudi Pink Maxi Dress worn as skirt| unbranded black paris hijab| The Little Things She Needs headband| Charles & Keith heels 
on Sarah:
Old Navy Long Tee (her size of course)| Zara Kids Jeans| Mothercare sandal

Closer look on my hijab style
easy peasy lemon squezzy, too bad it's blur heheh sorry!
photos taken by my husband ^_^ 

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