Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera

Last friday me and my husband went to see The Phantom of the Opera. I'm so thrilled!

I really loved this story, since i was a little girl i heard about it here and there without really knowing what is "The Phantom of the Opera" exactly.
As i grow to teenager and internet already opens the door for my Kepo-ness (^_^) i browse around and found more information about it. it was written by Gaston Leroux and has been performed by many directors in Broadway Theater. aahh, i can still remember how excited i was, looking at pictures of its Broadway shows, dreaming to be there, among New Yorker and see it live. Wearing vintage long dress and killer heels ( dreams always involve outfit :p).

When Andrew Lloyd Webbers' "The Phantom of the Opera" movie was premiered on 2004, of course i went to see it on the first screening day in Indonesia. I can describe how great it was to see the movie. I enjoyed every scenes, every songs and i can't decide whether i hate or love the Phantom.

The Opera i saw last friday is not Andrew Lloyd Webbers, it was Ivan Jacobs adaptation. altho i was more familiar with Andrew Lloyd Webbers version but I do like Ivan Jacob's too. If in Andrew Lloyd Webbers my fav songs are: "Think of Me" & "All I Ask of You"--> highly recommended for wedding song! in Ivan Jacobs i love: "Apart from you" & "The Music of Life". "Apart From You" almost has the same theme with "Think of Me" it's about longing and losing ....T.T
"The Music of Life" is a new song and perform for the first time in Indonesia. it's another reason to see it!

So, no need to wait anymore, it's a good experience and another great alternatives for entertain. They'll be here from 14 Februart to 3 March so you have another two weeks!

Before the show started, left side is the program book

If you are interested to see the opera, you can simply check out the ticket at myticket and bought it at your closest myticket ticket box.

now, this is me and my husband inside Nusa Indah Theatre, Balai Kartini. It's dark, since we are not allowed to take pictures with flash.

The Show, this is around Part II at the scene "Mask Ball"

and yeahh...i wasn't sleeping, my hubby took it before i was ready, but since no more pictures
of the two of us on this event, so bear the "celaan".

and this is my outfit:
Ria Miranda Wide Leg Black Jumpsuit | Zara Scarf| Gaudi Bangle| Pedro High Heels | LV Bag

and this is me again, taken by my husband outside the theatre

all these pictures was taken with low resolution BB cam, so please forgive us for the bad quality hehehe....

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