Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is my very first posting in this blog. I have written in several blog in ages ago, but i started this new one and this blog will be my one and only personal blog. I have other blog that i used for my Online Shop (

Well, i will introduce myself and some very-very-important persons in my life.
my name is Kiky Mizanie, i'm 29 years old (yes, i'm not that kind of woman that afraid of telling their real age, for me age is a symbol of achievement in our life and admitting it is one of my way of thanking Allah for giving me life until today).
I love fashion, travelling, movies, books, chocolate, cat, sunset, pasta and spicy food.
I was born in Palembang and have lived in Jakarta since i was 14.

I'm a moslem and I'm wearing hijab since i was 26. I didn't wear it since early stage of my adolescent that is one of my greatest regret. I'm a moslem woman so my hijab is my identity. this is the thing that i hope i can apply on my daughter. I'm still learning in hijab wearing things, so i realised that i might have some mistake in my clothes and hijab, but i hope that i'll be better each day and syar'i.

I'm working as secretary right now, been doing this since i was 20 (still in college). but my true passion is in fashion. I'm learning Fashion Design right now, and i hope i can create my own moslem clothing line one day, amien. edited on May 6th 2013, at this moment, i 've realised that my main goal is to be a great Mom and wife. this is my true passion.

now, enough about me.

This is my husband, M. Isya Kurniawan.

He's my age, we've been friends since in college (when we were 17 or so) and tied the knot in July 2009. all i can say is, he is my bestfriend, my worst enemy, my biggest fan, my most sarcasm critic, my greatest partner, Best father for my daughter, great husband and all-in-all he's my soulmate. If there's a thing called "meant for each other" i'm confident to say that we are.
All off our life journeys that makes us who we are in person somehow has made us meant for each other as a couple.

This is my daughter, Sarah Carissa Humaira Muhammad
When i created this blog she is 18 months old. She was born in Jakarta, on August 2010. She has the same birthday with my mother.
She is my true love, my life and my biggest motivation. I want to be a better person because of her.
I hope that i can be a great mom for her till the day i die, i want her to be proud of me as much as i proud of her since the first time i hold her in my arms in birth room.

This blog is created to record things in my life altho i won't be very personal in here, yes i don't like sharing private things for public. I will also share things i like in this blog, places i go and things i've gone thru.

Hopefully one day my daughter will read this blog and knows how much i love her, knows how walk down the path of my life and my memories.

Hopefully one day i can read back everything i wrote down here and reminisce the good and bad things and be thankful to Allah SWT.

So, welcome to my blog.

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