Monday, April 22, 2013

My Week in Pictures

21st April is Kartini Day in Indonesia. It's the celebration of women movement for equal rights.
As a tradition, we wear traditional dress that day. including Sarah, she celebrate in her school.

She wear "Kebaya Encim" traditional kebaya from Betawi

Her trademark grin


Sweety Pie


She looks so much like Papa

make homework

Book she borrowed from school library

She got role as "Tree" on her school graduation concert next June :)

Papa and I went to this "Warung Siomay" been craving for Siomay since last week

i love the ornaments
my project on sunday, my own creation bag for Sarah
the bag package includes these 5 lovely colors markers

It's a dragon!

I choose purple and pink color, same as Sarah's Dinosaurs' doll "Nino"

Details is everything, no design student can avoid these

i ended up using all my design markers and my copics

and's the final result :)
She wear it to school

Peace out!

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