Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Expecting the Unexpected

well I'm happy to share that all of my products both the "Etudiante" and "La Bella Vittoria"  on the first batch is already sold out! although i'm didn't produce in huge amount but it's still a big satisfaction for me.

I've been expecting sales since day 1 i launched them hahhaha. it's not about the money (well, it is, partly, all of those things we called passion needs commitment and money you know!) but also how my products gonna be accepted.

The unexpected twist was.... all the transactions wasn't happened thru my website T.T, the website i've been waiting so long to be done that i have to delay product launching for several months. transactions, in fact, happened via this blog and my online shop House of Humaira which i have owned and managed since two years ago, and transactions also happened offline via my store and friends that requesting to see my product then purchased it.
this fact makes me wonder, why...why...on earth i should keep waiting and waiting for the website to be done (if you asked me why it takes so long, i also want to know...have regret my decision on designing the web >_^).
Why on earth i should wait for months, while i could have launch and sold since months ago. I know traffic is also the issue here, the new website is the new kid in town, i know. and until now, maybe all of you can see, that there's still some errors in my website....sigh....

well, what's done is done.

Now I'm producing the second batch, the first sample wasn't so satisfying, so i request for alterations, hopefully the second one is charm so i can producing right away and the goods will be here to see.

all the best for you. all the best for me and my works (design+website+office+baking)!


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