Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's 2014

weewwww.... time flies and it's been a long pause in this blog hahahhaha

so many stories to share but a bit lazy blogging lately, sorry. blame it to Path and Instagram. they make it so easy to share pictures and moments.

It's 2014 already, i wish this year will be better than last year, last year was awesome! so this year must be very-totally-super awesome!!! hehehe amien.

we started to put Sarah hijab on occasionally, just to make her get use to it. She loves it! we're proud parent

three of us, watching "Frozen" in Baywalk Pluit.

Like mama like daughter!

i enjoyed my life, and love to live it moment by moment, i guess when we grow older, it's the little things that made us happy

me in NY 2014, age 31, feels younger than ever

my diamond. I love you, always

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