Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Sarah growing up way too fast! T.T

Sarah & her classmates during their school outing

three of us during our holiday to several islands around Jakarta

The happy Sarah with her popcorn at Disney On Ice

Playing with Sands

She loves imitating my style.... mini-me

Sarah & her teacher. She has finished her PG 1, and already started her PG2. can't believe she'll be in kindegarten next year!

sarah & her chinesse hat, similar to her panda. gifts from Papa from his trip to China recently

Sarah (2nd on the left in tree costume) waving wholeheartedly at me. She performs on her school graduation concert. singing and dancing "you are my sunshine"

two of us

mom & daughter

She's Papa no.1 fans

three of us in a secluded beautiful island

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