Sunday, March 18, 2012

ruffle dress for Sarah & skirt for Me!

I made this ruffle dress for Sarah last saturday, i know it's way far from perfect but I did it! so happy and proud of myself, even Sarah loves the dress. My hubby was amazed that i can actually sew a dress and the result was okay....huh...  -_- but i got compliment from him tho... hehehehe
I'm in process of making a maxi skirt, Sarah's dress was actually made of a leftover garment from the skirt :p but of course, it was made with lot's of love from Mama :)

I'm thinking of another dress for Sarah....hmmm... next project here i come.....
by the way this is my skirt, it's an A-Line Maxi skirt.

kapan-kapan foto pas pake rok+dress nya bareng ah hiihihi

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